Why use a Boutique Prime Broker for your Emerging or Next Gen fund

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We know the hedge fund landscape is competitive. Emerging and next gen fund managers face a number of challenges, from implementing a robust operational infrastructure to the ever-present need for capital introduction. For new entrants aiming to carve out a niche, choosing the right PB partner can be pivotal. As a boutique prime, Linear offers distinct advantages that make us particularly well-suited for emerging and next gen fund managers in 2024.

Personalised Service and Tailored Solutions

Linear excels in providing the personalised service often absent in larger, more institutional environments, assuming the Tier One PB’s would even consider taking your business direct. We offer more tailored solutions that can adapt flexibly to the unique needs of small to mid-sized funds, understanding not one model fits all. We’re different to the larger PB’s out there as your business is our priority, and you will not be fighting against bigger clients for our time and expertise.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Most managers, until they have a few years of trading behind them, operate with limited budgets. Linear understands this constraint and are confident we can typically provide cost-effective solutions with no minimums required. We provide competitive rates and, as with other lines of business, are open to offering pricing that accommodates the financial realities of the smaller or newer funds. We feel providing this financial flexibility is crucial for funds to maintain liquidity and managing operational risk during the critical early years of a fund.

Market Expertise

Our expertise, built over 10 plus years of trading, can be invaluable to emerging fund managers. Benefitting from the nuanced insights and strategies that boutique brokers like Linear can provide. Whether it’s a specific geographic focus, industry sector, or investment style, your contacts at Linear can share their expertise. Funds will have a direct line to the trading team who will understand the fund’s strategy, provide a feedback loop and, when requested, deliver personalised insights to help funds maximise efficiencies during execution.

Speed and Agility

The ability to react quickly to market conditions can contribute to the success of a fund in early stages. Linear typically offer faster turnaround times and more agile decision-making processes than larger institutions. This is because we have the infrastructure to support smaller firms. Our agility allows emerging funds to execute strategies more efficiently and seize market opportunities as they arise, with the support of a PB team who know and understand the business.


Most importantly, working with Linear allows fund managers to cultivate a relationship that can feel more like a partnership than a client-service provider dynamic. Our aim is to provide emerging managers not just with services, but a strategic ally in the broader financial ecosystem. We work with many outsourced partners on a day-to-day basis who can also work alongside us to support your needs. A partnership with Linear can be a decisive factor in navigating the challenges of the hedge fund industry and steer a fledgling, fee-stricken, fund towards long-term success.

Post Written by:

Joe Ford

Head of Business Development

As the Head of Business Development at Linear Investments, I lead the global business development strategy for Prime Services, Custody and Execution, with a particular focus on Emerging Hedge Funds. I leverage my knowledge of financial markets, liquidity funds, and alternative funds, to deliver tailored and innovative solutions to clients and partners. I am passionate about supporting the growth and success of the alternative investment community, and aim to provide exceptional service and value to both existing and prospective clients.

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